MMMSB - Magura-Mad-Munkey-Servo-Brake ! Yeah


I once had a wish …Mad-Munkey-linear-pot-mod

But i guess I’m pretty alone with that wish, so i just made it today.

A Mad-Munkey with a linear “Rubber-Pot” to trigger with the thumb. That Think turned out perfect, and very ergonomic. I use the whole scale of the Pot on channel 2, so not just forward<>break like on the Gt2B-Trigger. In that way i can really break my Magura-Hydraulic-Servo-Break smooth and soft - linear.

I might use this thumb trigger for the gas of my comming E-TOXX Direct-Drive. ?? lets see.

I will also add the holder for the SIGMA wireless bike computer, so that thing is more compact on the Mad-Munkey, but actually is pretty nice already.

So I’ll just add more Photos to look at. Looking forward to some Comments.

Notger - Gernot

And Into the Sunrise !!


and, thats my next Servo-Break-project with an old broken (Handle-Clamp-broken) H33 Magura. I wann use the lever of the handle, so that the Servo does not have to work that hard like in my actual Setup.

there is also plenty room for other Stuff in this nice Box, like receiver, 2sbattery, logger,…whatever, but it needs some milling and drilling.


Awesome dude, I’m about to pull the trigger on a HS11 brake deck myself. Just can’t make up my mind between black or winter camo. I also ordered a Mad Munkey from Joel… So I might follow in your foot steps if it works out? Either that or I was going to change the lever over for a shorty and maybe add a master cylinder…

Time will tell, but your mod looks cool!

for my first 5 Downhill-Kilometers it worked out very well yesterday. the Servo is actually just getting warm, never Hot like in my Benchtest. (i was probably pulling a bit too hard on the Benchtest ??)

you might see it in my Setup ?, it is the original Magura break used, just cut into pieces, So it is Kind of a Master-cylinder



Nice! Extra safety is always good. Would be nice to run it through an extra receiver.


Sure i have quite some GT2B receivers from my broken transmitters in leftofer, and you can pair several receivers to the GT2B.

So now i just use and test this on my Downhill Trampa without Motor. But assoon ill transfer it on a Motor-Trampa ill use two separate receivers.

Talking about extra safety: with my second Plan:

I’m thinking about adding a Bike brake cable: in addition to the Servo. So, a easy reachable but not anoying Sling should stick out of the box. In case of electric failure you could slow down by pulling the sling.

I always think in my Austrian Alp experiences, i would not want to go down some of those Hills without the ability of controleable breaking.


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@Okami asked me to tell more about the servo brake.

So id rather say ask what you want to know about it.

But short and simpy explained: a very strong servo (in my case 30kg) is pushing on a hydraulic cylinder. a bit more detailed: the Servo has a gear instead of the lever/arm and is pushing a gear-rack against the cylinder

after i burnt the original servo of that arrangement i switched to a highvoltag/highttorque-servo (but a cheap one from turnigy) this thing runs with 2s and sucks up to 5A in full brake the GT2B receiver i use is actually just rated until 6V but takes the 8,4V/5A(peaks) quite well until now.

you could buy super expensive Baja Magura Hydraulic cylinders witch are made for use with servos. Or you just take apart and shape the original Magura Brake that comes with the Trampa. I found out that the old HS33 are more steardy cause made out of Aluminium, the new ones are full plastic.

But as i said id like to make another Version where the Servo pulls the Brake Lever, on one side this adds some lever action and at the end brake strength and servo protection, on the other hand it easier adds the possibility to make a failsafe sling to pull in case of electronic failure.

@BruceLee from the German forum is planning to make a compareable thing for gravity MTBers

Ok thats it for now




@notger thanks for info! couldnt reply earlier, so doin it now…

well at ~7v and 5A… thats something like 35w for running servo and having full brakes.

Could you shed some info where did you find your servo or it was just one ‘u already had’ and its source is not entirely known to you?


yes and no, i already had the Servo hanging out here, gut for such reasons. I was just searching Hobbyking or compareable websites for really strong Stervos, wich han handle 30kg and above. At the End i ended with a quite Cheap turnigy Servo called MG959 and i have a really fancy servo called Trackstar 910, both are the smalles in their “strength-class”. But you will find hundred of other Brands and types wich are similar, those two are just the ones i came across (the Trackstar is areall Hich Voltage Servo safe to use with 2s, the MG959 is not in factsheet but handles it in reality)

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