Modded Evolve gt bamboo, focbox tenka uppgrade! Ongoing!

Background: Hello guys I’ve been riding this baby for over 2 years now but last summer i think i burned out the evolve esc after having her drag me upp a SUPER steep hill with only one of my racestar motors (why i only had 1 motor is for another story :smile:. After som browsing on this forum i decided to get a focbox tenka replacement and I don’t dare to install everything with my limited tools and knowledge before i atleast consult with my fellow esk8ers.

The following is the parts im currently in possession of:

Bms : Stock evolve bms (from gt street bamboo)

Esc : Focbox Tenka

  • Battery : Custom 10p4s

  • Motors : Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 200KV 6-12S Brushless Motor Red Without Gear For Balancing Scooter

  • Deck : Evolve Bamboo-gt

  • Trucks and wheels : Standard Evolve trucks and Cloudwheels 120mm discovery

What i need help with:

  1. Figuring out if I need a new bms or not.
  2. 3D printing the replacemnet part for the enclousre. (I could possibly get this done myselft)
  3. Connecting my new focbox tenka to the bms. This involves chaging the bms powerport to xt-90
  4. Connecting the vx1 reciver to the tenka.
  5. Figuring out if I need to replace the old powerbutton on my board.

Im not at all experienced with exposed electronics and would hapily pay somone a fair price to help me get my board rolling again. I got myself a Dremel versatip kit just incase I would dare to complete this myself.

Im based in Stockholm Sweden If there is anyone close by that would consider helping out. Cudos if you read this far and thanks for any help. Thats all for now, wear a helmet :smile:

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  1. if your bms is still able to charge your battery and still give voltage, you don’t need a new bms. The only time you’ll need one is if your bms broke and you can no longer charge or discharge from it (this is when you bypass it)

  2. I have no clues on 3d printing. Sorry mate.

  3. you will have to solder the xt 90 to your bms discharge wires that are positive and negative if it’s discharged by bms.

  4. there should be a PWM and a uart port underneath it. Uart has RX and TX labeled. PWN would be 5v red GND black and white (3 pins only) The RX and TX would have to be added in a different jst plug for you to have it.

  5. you will have to if the tenka has it’s own.

I would help out, but I’m in NYC. Also, becareful with that esc. Make sure to limit the motor current to 65-70 (safety reasons)