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All parts are 100% new and unused!!! The prices are without shipping. I would prefer if someone took everything in a bundle with a slight discount.

-Vesc - 85€ sk3 6374 149 Kv - 80€ 2x compact series xt60 connectors - 2€ each 2x XT90 Antispark connectors - 2€ each -2x CALIBER II Trucks 50 degree – Satin Gold - 50€ -4x ORANGETANG KEGEL Wheels 80a - 60€ -8x 608 Bearings with build in spacer - 10€ -2x Orangatang Wheel pulley 36t HTD5M, belt 15mm kits with bolts - 25€ -5 x belt - HTD5M 265mm-5M-15 tooth 53 265mm x 15mm - 20€ -Enertion Motor mount clamp - 45€ -2x 0.12"/3mm Soft Skateboard Riser Shock Pads - 2€ -4x ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 40C - 120€ -Waterproof usb adapter (for waterproof /resistant enclosures) - 5€

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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Don’t do it


Change your mind back and enjoy building and riding, seriously!!

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I would gladly buy a vesc and trucks from you. Should we proceed over PM?

Intrested in the wheels + th whole pully business. Wheel size ?

Just curious as in what made you change your mind?


I already have an electronic mtb which was my very first project. I figured that I dont need another electronic skateboard. I have the tendency to collect and I try my best to be a hunter and not a gatherer. Also I suffer from OCD (not trying to sound cool here - Im a mad man) and figuring cable-management and how to charge the batteries in the most elegant way is fucking with my head.

Hi there. I would be interested in the Vesc. Where did you buy it?

Greetings Ron

Hello, I’d like to buy the motor mount from you. PM free shipping, looks interesting!

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Looks like a rebranded maytech VESC

Hi, I’d like to purchase it all

In case some1 is wondering, all items are still available I’m hoping for some1 to take the whole pack for an easy transaction. (shippingcosts and packaging material)

Im interested in alot of the drive system i.e belts and pulleys - do you have any complete kits for 12 or 15mm? I.e wheel pulley, mototr pulley, and a few belts? Maybe even a mount too

Would really like to buy some parts, but the prices you listed are higher than the original retail prices. How much for everything except the batteries and vesc?

I an interested in the motor mount

Feel free to make an offers via pm. I wont bite.

Isn’t your PM disabled? Can’t find way to PM you… :smiley:

I got a few pms regarding this sells topic. It should work just fine.

You have to read an post a few times, before you’re able to pm someone

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