Modifying a "benchwheel electric skateboard"

Okey! let’s get down to it, I probably made a mistake by buying the benchwheel skateboard or “Blast boards” as it is named in sweden… atleast they look really really IDENTICAL ( ) but whats done is done… so I have never built anything with an electrical skateboard to begin with, I just very recently began researching it and i got a better view of how it works right now than i did when I bought the Blastboard AKA Benchwheel.

So to the actual question, what do you think, is it possible to maby somewhere down the line rip out the electronics in the board and keep the batteries and motor (single drive) and just upgrade it to make it more reliable with a VESC, new controller and receiver and maby a new 50mm motor? (do you guys know any good 50mm motor?)

and also, i’m a bit concerned about if the original motor will be able to push me up hills moderatly easy i weigh about 76 Kg and the board is a single drive, i was thinking that the board would become a commuter board to my job (it’s quite up and down…) so it probably will need an upgrade… can I just buy a new motor and switch them out and it will work?

Also if it’s really weak should i bring down the gearing to give me more torque and slower speed? currently (what they say…) is that the single drive puts up 23 Km/h.

What do you guys think?

EDIT and also, the controller is quite good looking that comes with the board, is it possible to keep it and just put in a new receiver? or how does that work?

Does your board not work? You can just ride it and test what types of hills you can go up and that should give you an idea.

This is actually exactly what I’m doing right now for a friend. I bought a benchwheel which had old f/w on the ESC and kept overcurrenting, so I’m parting it out and building another board with dual VESCs instead. The motors are 280kv so it’ll be perfect for a 6s setup.

No it works :slight_smile: , im new to this but what is a 6s battery? Just a 6 cell battery? Is it possible to just change the esc to a vesc from enertion? To keep it from giving it to much current?

If it works I’d say just use it as is. I’m not sure it’s worth it to gut it out and make a new board if there’s nothing wrong with it.

The benchwheel is an ESC/BMS combo, so you would need to get a new BMS for the battery, voltmeter, power/anti-spark switch, charger, remote and possibly some other stuff.

6S is a battery with 6 cells in series. The benchwheel runs a 6s4p(4 parallel) battery.

Ok, is the over current just because their ecs is bad?

They told me it’s running an older firmware which wasn’t meant for dual motors. Not sure on the specifics.

Ok, do you think The battery is Holding The motor back? So If I Would like more speed and range a new battery and vesc is necessary Or is the motor Holding back The other specs?

Im thinking, battery from enertion and vesc + remote, do i still need bms and spark?

What does The volt meter do?

using enertion’s 10s battery with these motors will probably fry the VESC because it’s exceeding the rpm limit. I recommend you just use the one it came with until something goes wrong. If you do upgrade, yes you will need all those things. You’ll need a voltmeter to display your remaining battery.