Moding from a walmart electric skateboard?

Have anyone have moded a walmart electric skateboard into a better one? To me the hardest part of building eboard is the motor mount and chosing a truck that is high and wide enough and moding a Altered Fantom 1.0 solves my problem and they are not expensive too. That be said, I don’t know the “modibility” of a walmart skateboard and or the build quality of the deck. Please let me know whats your thought. Thank you

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Bad board, bad trucks, bad electronics…bad everything

And you still want to Mod it? Save up read and learn and make your own pimp ride!

It ain’t that hard.


Wal-Mart? Seriously? If you start with crap, how can you expect to make it better? Add salt? Salted crap.

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If the idea of buying that board is to build a good one and save money, you’ll still need to at least buy a new motor, a new ESC, and a new battery. And that’s assuming the new motor will mount where the old one did. I doubt it, but it might work, you’ll need to do a more research. Also that board looks small, and low quality, which means you’ll probably want to replace it eventually too. The trucks look ok, I can’t tell without riding one. All together, that board is built for small children, so keep that in mind. Very few parts on it will be designed for the added stress of a motor with 20x as much power (a normal e-skate motor makes over 2000W, as opposed to just 100W).

from my experience with DC motor eboards ? YES ! you can mod a walmart $199 one . then , you’ll have to choose between ~

  1. DC motor and DC electronics configuration

  2. BLDC motor and its electronics set up .

when i first knew about BLDC , i was asking myself “whats the THIRD wire hanging out of this Enertion R~spec motor?” …

yes ! i was DUMB founded ! never knew theres an alternate controller for that motor . DC motor is easy ! plus & minus wires , a variable resistor and a battery .

if you know what & how to mod a walmart eboard . post pics & videos of your modded built .

this is my 1st ready~to~ride china made eboard . cant pronounce the name switch to a better looking deck 2 times . from the funny china design to a longer one 36" , and lastly the 42" made in phillipines cruiser single kick tail .

then , i replaced the lead acid 24V for a more awesome 36V Li~ion SPACE CELL from Enertion

yes true ! the trucks hanger are wide at 190mm and it warped after 8months of usage .

and i constantly have to service the 24V DC motor every 10km of commute . clean & soldered back the burnt copper wires .

i believe these eboards was the 2010~2013 batch of production . thats why its cheap in walmart website USD$199 ?

after 2km ride on it , the motors will heat up so bad , it could burn you if you touch it .

i still have it and i like the sound of motor . but it IS heavy at 9.5kg with 2 blocks of LEAD ACID BATTERY .


these 2 motors are BETTER than that HUMONGOUS 24V china made motor .

I ride on a $180 Loaded deck and I still have trust issues. I wouldnt even ride a Walmart board without fear of it snapping in two.


Absolutely not.

loaded flex ???