Modular Board design

Hello! I have been thinking about making a 3 part board design that is modular. There would be the top deck, middle deck, and bottom deck. The top is where your feet go of course, and this could be any material. The middle deck would have space for batteries, esc, and other components, like a haya deck. Lastly the bottom deck, I was thinking it could be aluminum so that it would act as a heat spreader, but also not be in indirect sunlight on sunny days. All of this would be held together by the truck screws, and a few other throught the deck. Basically a skateboard sandwich full of electronics. In the future if you wanted a bigger battery, or maybe a plexiglass top deck (this is an example i dont know if it would actually work) you can keep the rest of your deck and swap out the part you want. Im not planning making this a business, more of another way to DIY your own board, is there any problems with this idea?

I think you’d have issues with shear stresses - the stress of you standing on the deck and riding would be concentrated on the screws holding the layers together. If the clamping isn’t good enough, you’ll either end up with sheared screws, or a deck like a wet noodle as the layers slide over each other during flexure. This is the reason we use laminated plywood and composites rather than sheets held together with screws - it doesn’t work well.

It might (Might) work if one of the layers was the sole loadbearing member and the others had some manner of compliance, but I think overall this is a great idea doomed to fail by the laws of physics.