Modular enclosure

Hey Guys

I designed a modular enclosure. The first reason I did that was because the print volume from the 3D printer I use is just 20x20x20cm. This enclosure is in parts back & front and you can put as many middle parts in between as needed. Now it can be printed by printers witch a print volume of 15x15x5cm.

It maybe also a solution to flexible decks :slight_smile: If someone has idea to improve, let me know! If you want the STL files DM me :wink:

If you don’t have a 3D printer you can find the enclosure here.



nice design kinda makes me regret buyin a vanguard in haste great work

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The main problem with 3D printed enclosures is that printed parts are simply not strong enough to support the vibrations, impacts and wear of an EBoard. It’s a nice design, but won’t work in practice unless you support it with something like Fiberglass or glass fiber tape I’ve heard works as well.


Given you print it thick enough, and use the right kind of plastic with a good design it should work out fine. Mine only failed because I rested all the weight of the batteries on the enclosure instead of mounting them to the deck. It’s probably not very cost effective but it does allow you to make all manner of cool designs and get as close to a factory looking board as possible.

This is a really nice design though. Would it be possible to release a version without the cutouts for the wires for people that might be using single drive instead of dual? That way people could adapt the design to whatever components their using.

Also you might want to beef up the plastic around the mounting holes since that’s where mine failed.

Thanks for sharing!


Maybe add a slot for an anti spark xt90?

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Yes I can make different versions :slight_smile: And I will put some more material around the mounting holes :slight_smile:

Good idea will make an adjustment :slight_smile:

The other thing is, all decks have at least some concave. They’re all different, but it’s for sure not dead flat.

Thanks for sharing. DM coming.


Yeah completely true, the deck I use is kinda flat, I will try to make that case by thermoforming in abs, that would probably be able to follow the concave more :slight_smile:

a couple of after coats of fiberglass resin should help that though right?

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It’s possible to customize a flat enclosure to any concave. Put sandpaper on the deck and sand the enclosure until it’s flush


Of just resin, no. Fiberglass doesn’t get it’s strength from the resin, it gets it from the Fiberglass itself so just slapping on Resin won’t do much. I’d say probably 1-2 layers of woven Fiberglass over it would do, or an equal amount of fiberglass mat.

I like this modular idea. I might try to make one out of kydex and a vacuum form.

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OMG I need this Enclosure, I do not know how to DM you, can you please sent me the file so I can print it? My whatsapp is +55 41 9 8887-6400 And Instagram is Vinileprevost

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There are some other versions if you don’t find this.

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Do you know where to find it?