Molded “FireFly”

Quick background; After many rides with a spektrum STX (zero problems until broke it in a bad crash) being the last piece of the build to upgrade, i started searching out diy remotes & other remotes designed by forum members (all are great in there own way, everyone has a different preference in style and function they want in a remote).

So with blessing from solidgeek, I’m making avialable version 1 (non PCB) injectection mold shells/cases. Working on PCB version and will have ready soon. A portion of sales will be going to solidgeek so he can continue with product development and support. As we all know anyone can push a product out but its the support for it that matters most and not everyone is willing or have time to do so. A Big Thanks for him doing so.

*note: shell/case used in photos is first one out of mold and the extra hole near the bottom was from pulling injection port out impatiently and will not be present (i just f’d that one). Started with clear so i could easily spot any imperfections. Will post better finished product with color options asap.





Variant RGB tints/color (be able to get most all colors using these 3 although I’ll be getting 8 color varieties, and a few metalic tints to make things easier). image

Would like some feed back as far as, would people prefer all parts molded instead of just shell/case? (Ie. Trigger, thumbwheel, overall cost of units would increase).

Stay tuned for updates… just gettin started :crazy_face:


Just sell me the whole remote with all the electronic inside plz :smiley:


Definitely the plan for version 2 PCB (complete kits).

version 1 is more or less for the folks who already have and would like to upgrade the case or for those who like getting their hands dirty and put electronics together themselves.


Do you have an estimate for how much the cases would cost both with all the internal components and without them? I definitely want a case but idk about the internal pieces.

trying to keep the case around $5 out the door

still putting in work on PCB complete remotes


That’s a really good deal for a case, especially for people without a 3d printer. How did you make the molds for this? It looks like I can see print lines, is the negative molded from a 3d printed case?

I’m interested! blue or orange colors if possible :smile:

Hadn’t really planned on a clear case up till i saw how nice it looked. So i didn’t do much processing of the inside of the object. :confounded:

These should work just fine with the original Firefly internals? I’ve got a firefly from one of the batches by @SeeTheBridges and would like to have a backup shell cause I know I’m going to bail and likely land on it :laughing:

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This seems very interesting

What kind of mold is this?

It seems like these must be cast out of a resin, You don’t have an aluminum mold for these do you?

silicone mold

experimenting with these casting resins;

-Polyester -Epoxy -Liquid Plastic

waiting for some “Task 16” (strong enough for gears :wink:, pouring that mold in about 10 min LOL )

EDIT: Although the wheel pulley im about to do is for Venom Cannibal wheels

image image image image


That’s an amazing price! I hope the completes will be as reasonably priced so I can pick one up

I’m interested in 1 or 2 sets of just the cases then maybe 1 of the completes :grin:

I’m interested in all the parts injection molded! Rough 3D printed finish interferes with smooth operation at the limits of motion and can cause stickiness. Please do everything. I’ll take a set.

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So been experimenting with different types of resin… •clear = Polyester •red = Epoxy •rest = Liquid Plastic

Things im looking for are; •pot life •cure times •bubbles •did it fill entire mold •strength



They look amazing!

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Put me down for a red one…

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Interested in 2 sets

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