Mongrol A.B.C. Warrior, MBS Comp 95, idea drive 20mm belts, stewii Escape's, 10s lipo, dual 190kv

So i managed to buy a old MBS Comp 95 dirt cheap “£65” but in very good condition! it has been sitting about doing nothing for a few years, needs love and though not a Trampa its perfect for my first build.

The horrible Twistar hubs are being replaced with im thinking red Rockstars pros “on sale cheaper than Rockstars ATM”

Also deffo purchasing spare top trucks, bearings, tubes, tires.

I dont have the board in my hands yet as my friend picked up for me in Cornwall and is bringing it to me in south east Kent next time he’s over my way early July sometime.

When i’m happy with the board and after buying safety gear helmet/pads, probably by the end of july il start the build in earnest, ie Motor Mounts, Motors, Esc, Remote, Battery.


I’m doing the exact same thing as you at this very moment. Keep posting pics. Are you doing lipos in a box on TOP? Mbs eu is having an awesome sale right now on the aluminium pro wheels

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At this time plans are yes @biggdaddyhawk lipos top mounted 8s/10s depending on Escs, Max6 8s first choice “easy option” but if i can get on @stewii 's next Escape run :wink: il go 10s maybe, im keeping this option open as those Escapes are almost the same price as the max6 but far better in terms of options and aesthetics imo.

So battery it will be top mounted but like Crazy RCs board on youtube il use a camo pouch that il reinforce . mountain%20boad And yes the Rockstars pro hubs are super cheap at the mo… :grin:


I’m also doing the same at this moment. Trampa trucks and 18650s underneath. I’ll soon post when I figure out the name, been brooding over it for awhile. Lol


Nice il keeps me eyes peeled on the build logs, i haven’t thought about naming yet, hmmmmm… :thinking: il wait til the overhaul is done see what She/he/it looks like probz!

Like a mountain street tramp name?

Not sure what you mean by “like a mountain street tramp” so il just say yes!! exactly like that… :crazy_face:

So i’ve been thinking about naming the board/build and it came to me last night, because of the red and yellow gaudiness im going to end up with and my obsession with 2000AD comics.

Edit… 2X Yellow “black sold out” top trucks and 4 red Superstar pros ordered.


So where are you getting your rockstar wheel gears?

Hopefully from @Idea im waiting for a reply on one of his awesome kits

spare top trucks and new Rockstar hubs turned up today… Happy Days :smile:

First problem… So i haven’t got spacers that go in between the bearings of each hub, going to have find an solution, anyone with links or details on correct spacers, or am i not needing them???

By way i mean these tube things in the centre around the axle path of the two hub parts…

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@Nemesis The new version of Rockstar PRO does not need any tube. Your red hubs are of a new type


I know a lot of people will tell you you need spacers however the MBS rock star wheel hub has a lip that holds the bearing in place (inner lip) They also have a very tight fit for the bearings in my case I needed to heat up the wheel/hub and cool down the bearing (freezer) to bang them in place (rubber mallet). If you have not yet seated the bearings I suggest from experience to seat bearings before you bolt the wheel together and inflate.

Good luck they are real nice wheels,


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I’m currently trying to order these new pro rims from as well since they are on sale. So what kind of gearing/kv motor combinations are being considered as you order your kits?

I’ll be going for torque over speed on gearing, at this time i cant remember the ratio il post info later.

I have got the Trucks turning up today or tomorrow so il be trying to get the wheels on and balanced by the end of the week then, i can take my measurements and order the mounts/pulleys/belts, also at this time im not completely sure what mount to get, as Tom has a few options.

After getting the mount system i will choose motors escs remotes then buy lipos chargers in that order, i may wait for cyber monday for some bits, my maximum build time is near or after this Christmas as i’m in no rush and want to get it correct the first time.

I ordered a 72t wheel gear from evolve website that fits rockstar rims. Not exactly sure why it’s spaced off the rim so far but I guess it will work. Also the gear has a slight angle towards the rim I’m guessing to help keep the belt on. For $30.00 each i will see how they hold up.

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Gear ratio 15 / 72t about to be ordered, motors low kv 149 or 190 sensors or not! i’m not sure yet depends on ESCS.

This is the mount/pully system from @Idea that i’ve chosen…



I’m going with 12/72 gearing because I have high kv motors (245). Will be running 8s on Hobby king max 6 esc’s. I hope torque and brakes are decent. Also odered 20mm wide pinion gears and Torque Boards gifted me some 20mm wide belts to help with slipping

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So the Escape group buy from Stewie reopened, i went with two single Esc’s and am now going for 10s sensored… :blush:

Drive system being posted on Monday, i ordered spare belts @Idea was nice enough to send me a pic of my nearly ready kit, thanks for the picture and your awesome service Tom. ideamounts