Monitoring battery voltage?

Hi, quick question on monitor voltage for batteries wired in parallel (apologies if this has already answered); but do I need a separate cellmeter for each pack, or can I wire all the balance plugs into one like this:

Pretty much the same question for batteries wired in series: can I just use a cellmeter on one pack and call it good, or do I have to monitor each pack separately, or use a harness like the picture above?


What meter do you plan to use and what is your battery setup? But in general if you have packs combined in series or parallel you can use a single meter as long as I’d can take the max voltage of the pack

I’ve got a few different kinds. Got the cheapos like in the picture above, and also some of these:

Mainly just want to make sure it picks up the lowest cell voltage out of all the packs (just incase I have one that’s dropping faster than the rest for some reason).

Is this a 8S cell meter? Because looks like 10s battery, and i dont know any 10s cellmeter?:slight_smile:

No they’re all 8s max. At least the ones I have anyway.

@Nordle They’re 8s packs (srry missed your question somehow).

You can have a single meter for an 8s pack of however many parallel you want. Parallel cells balance between themselves and the meter will show the voltage of the parallel set

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Awesome, thank you!