Mono Drive R-SPEC Pro+ | VESC Standard | SPACE CELL PRO3 | Enertion Nano-X controller | Arbor Axis Walnut photo collage

Hey guys,

Im building my first eboard and have been doing research for the past 3 months. I’m 15 and i live in belgium.


The mono drive r spec pro+ (6374 190kv motor) Enertions vesc (i really hope it will work. I’m really sceared since ive read al the topics about failing enertion vescs) Enertion nano x controller Space cell pro3 (this because it has a excellent range, good inbuild protection and room for the vesc so i dont need to buy another enclosure) Arbor axis walnut photo collage deck. It has 8 plys of maple wich should be enough. it doesnt have much flex, because i am only 64 kg.

Here are some picturs, there is only one truck cause the second one still needs to arrive together with wheels and motor pulley!


Honey Velocity 42 inch!AtaKQZy6S3Wol3grSuFfmGaaohzk

Thanks, nice board!

Google for eu longboard shop and plenty of shops with good brands pricing and shipping

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Is this a good deck? Wheelbase 77.5 cm, 8ply mapple

Well thats the deck i bought

Don’t be scared with Enertion VESC. For me it always worked just perfectly.

When did you get yours and ohh i need to opdate thiw thread soon

I’m in Belgium too and the best vesc émettions I fond are from Unik board from Paris but I don’t know if they till have promotions now