Monster mamba 2 esc configuration (help)

I wanted to know how I should configure my ESC for esk8 use (I have this ESC on hand and wanted to use it in my first build, I’ll definitely get a VESC down the line but for now this is what I plan to use)

I was looking through the castle link application and it can configure the mamba monster 2 quite a bit. But I haven’t used a esk8 so I’m not sure how to configure the ESC for that use.

I’ll be using the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213KV motor with two 3s 8000 mah 40c batteries (6s) and Traxxas Rx/TX

Here are the “Basic” Options:


I’d like to know what the suggested “Brake Amount” would be here I’m pretty sure that 50% is way too high.

Here are the “drag brake” (coasting?) options


I’d guess that this should be pretty low if not 0% not sure though. Can imagine alot of broken bones if this where too high. Or I could be wrong maybe it should be at 213% :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the “Power” options:


I doubt I’ll have reverse on the board can’t see many uses for that, again I might be wrong there.

Here are the “Punch control” options:


This is something I’ve messed around with on RC car’s but I think it would be wiser to have this disabled.

Here are the “Advanced” options:


No idea if I should leave this on default or do any changes here.

Here are the “motor timing” options:


Not sure if that needs any changing

Here are the “Arming time” options:


Not sure if that needs any changing

Last but not least “Throttle and Brake curve” options:



I guess these two are more subjective rather than “right or wrong”

If there is a post going over this then I beg your pardon :slight_smile: I did try and search for it but didn’t find anything specific about the monster mamba 2 configuration.