💥🇨🇦MONTREAL ---- Groupe Ride 22 JULY 2017 ---- Esk8Squad MTL🇨🇦💥


I’m planing on a BIG event Saturday the 22 July 2017 (or if it is Raining could be reported to the 23 or later) in Montreal… It would be a 10KM course around the Canal Lachine, and a little BBQ at the end, the starting and ending point are at Basin number 4.


The Event Is also a courtesy of : 1- AND THERE WILL BE SOME RAPTOR 2 TO TRY OUT :wink: :wink: :wink: :joy: (look at these beauty…)


Maybe there will be a few T-shirt of the MTL crew to give away :wink:


And as Always the official Esk8 light …


See you soon



Re posted on Facebook… can you post something via IG ?

Ask Moja to make something fancy

Yeah I could try something… I will also give aways a few Esk8Squad MTL T-Shirt, I think I could be nice

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What time will it start?

Probably around 13h00 to 13h30… I’m still not sure about that, I will keep you updated :sweat_smile:

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This is great will have to get ready for the drive NORTH :slight_smile:


@Kaly if you do make sure you eat lots of food for me in mtl lol I’m jealous

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NYC road trip lol

I don’t see why if you can get a cheap stay… it’s Canadian Pesos

Too bad my build won’t be ready in time! Home turf, I used to work around Basin 1-2 and 3. :wink:

Well we’re probably going to have a few build in over for people who want to try it :wink:


That’s the sweet part :slight_smile:

Tagging some peeps

@Quent17 @pat_arch @Arch @EpicCel


@Arch and I will be there! As @JohnnyMeduse mentioned, I’ll probably be trying out one of your boards since mine will most likely not be ready.

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Oh sorry didn’t see you replied to the thread


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You did forget @Blasto

Dude you should see if you can find a cheap rate at a hotel… think @Kaly is tied into the NYC esk8 guys…they are young and have boards and are adventurous…maybe they could road trip up?

I would come but I’m working 7 days a week and can’t get a day off

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Sounds cool! I’ll try my best to be there.

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Great, i’ll try to be there, @JohnnyMeduse I believe there is construction going on in front of Park Gadbois at the moment so the course might have to be modified, I’ll double check tonight on my way back from work.

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I’ll be there to Guys!

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