Moon's AT Gear Drive

Throwing this up here as well so our boy @moonbug gets some more exposure on his upcoming gear drive. I am currently set up with 44/12 gearing, using surfrodz and @lrdesigns press fit clamps. 12s4p 30q and @torqueboards 6355’s.

As @Venom121212 said, it sounds like an electric lion!!

I’ll be recording some day time footage tomorrow…was just too excited and had to go ride tonight.

This gear drive is buttery smooth with the throttle, a perfect application for the torque these board put out. The ability to get it fit onto multiple trucks, not just one or two, is a seller in my opinion. He is also releasing a 3 gear drive more geared towards thane set ups as well.

Let me know if you have any questions about fit on my set up or anything else. I’m sure Moon will chime in to answer anything I can’t.