Mootor detection failure

Wana buy a unity 250 I can send ya pik s and watever

No one will wanna buy your unity for that price. Especially one from jaypoo

Wth is jay poo n y not it’s never been used I paid 300?forbi from the ppl that make the things

The man that owns the company you supported when you bought that ESC. He has scammed the community multiple times and most of us simply won’t fuck with him anymore. Lol, search Enertion give me my money back

I read some shit on it but didn’t really get into the whole thing with him scamming ppl or whatever. I needed an esc n the easiest ones for me to get were flipsky and the foc box

Yeah, there’s a reason those are the easiest to snag up. All the good ones get sold out quick, and the inferior ESC’s remain stocked. If you end up wanting another unity look into the BKB Xenith, it’s a unity with a better USA based warranty and an upgraded anti spark. But I’d go with a Stormcore or something from Trampa so you aren’t using dated tech with known issues that won’t be fixed.

Ok we’re can I find storm cores and interested in having any batteries built lmk u send material cells and bms I’ll do rest for decent price