More like a boosted fan club

I’m just throwing this out here but I think this group should be renamed the boosted fan club. Screenshot_20190501-234834 I’ve been trying to find some real builders post anything but nah. It’s like trendy Instead of informative. We need a diy only group or something. I’m not a big SM/FB fan but I look for good groups for good reading and Info. I feel like it’s a group to see who has the deepest pockets and that makes esk8 feel like a silver spoon only sport. IDK. Thoughts?

We have a privat FB chat as a spin off from ESK8 Sydney just for the local DIY peeps. The official chat is similar to the ESC :slight_smile:

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ESC is run by a bunch of stuck up keyboard eskaters. I now only use Electric Skateboard Users, but you’re right, I don’t know of any DIY group with worldwide appeal on FB.

If you are based in the UK, the Carve UK group is really active, organising rides almost every weekend, and has a good DIY presence.