More WH than should be possible

I dont understand… It was windy… I only tot 24km range. But i dont understand one thing… my battery is 10sp4 made from Samsung 30q. The ah is 12 ah 36v. Total wh is 432. Please take a look at the ride… Screenshot_20180927-160915_metr Is something wrong or?? More WH than my battery can deliver… More weird is. I started at 90% and ended at 21%… So i could have ride even more but. How !?

I would love to understand it.

Gr sam

Regenerative breaking

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But 100wh regen? Is that possible ?!

But the Wh (432) is based on the capacity from full charge to ~2,5v/cell, so any higher cutoff means lower Wh.


:thinking: that´s right… than he has an flux generator inside i guess…

432 is based on nominal WH.

Which Vesc/Esc do you have and how much do you weigh? Some more info about the setup would help but I am not sure… @rpasichnyk could help maybe…

I run dual focbox Dual sk3 192kv 6374 motors. My weight is 78kg…

I’ve had this same glitch before it’s only happened once where I got absolutely crazy readings. I swear I’ve seen other ppl talking about this glitch before with metr.

I’ve had this happen as well. I have a 10s3p battery. image

@hoeksame1 @Adam0311 there was a bug in Metr Pro firmware, which resulted in wrong Wh calculation sometimes. Please update Metr Pro firmware via Metr app. Click on blue gear in Settings.