Motivation (share some)

Just as stated above. I hope for many of u guys specially those seasoned builders to share your motivation for building esk8s or just straight designing or making things. Share here help motivate others by sharing a little bit of what u love doing and whether or not you r doing that now? And how u plan to continue doing it or plan on getting there if u havent yet? Thanks guys for taking ur time to read this and sharing what u can. Pics r encourage but not necessary lol

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I always love geometric designs and doing artwork with geometry in my wood burning.



That is awesome bro sick ass skills @briman05. Also for anyone willing to ask. May be we can tag someone on here who u would like to hear from if u want

Ok so ive always liked building thing in general anything that would catch my attention I started with building a bench and that got me into wood working then I build an NES mod and from there im here now building esk8 and even tho ive never made a build thread ive made 6 boards so far and now I’m building 1 for my nephew lol 15489076868756238866557681776800 15489077400108353507081495739931


Sick… mod? bro :rofl:

why would anyone need 4 cells in their vape? 100W+?

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Super subohm bro gotta feel the burn lol 2s2p


hell :rofl:

I hit my friends mod with 2 30qs and 6 nic and my throat was a b l a z e, your poor throat xd


Thats what he said hahahaha

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@Sn4Pz what motivates u?

Money, friends, good schmoke. Im easily motivated, hardly moved from my current environment :joy:

Im really moving my life into a ‘hole’ by not having much to work on once I leave college(Only my second year in, but its still something to think about :man_shrugging:) , but Im hoping that a move to the west coast will be the kicker that I need to get my wheel rolling