Motor advice needed first time build

hi all new to the forum have been doing a lot of research and have a half built borad in progress im currentley looking for a motor, ill be going for a 190kv ive seen this on hobyking has anyone else used this

thanks all

Good and powerfull Motor. You cannot make much wrong with it! Just Keep in mind that this is not for a light build

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For a much lower price you can get the Keda 190kV. They are great motors and I run 3 motors by Keda. They are also super tough, my mate accidentally rammed the motors into a concrete block at about 30-40km/h

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Thanks guys does the keda have the similar spec, don’t suppose you have a link to it. Thanks

The keda is 2000W the turnigy is 2450W

The keda has stiff wires and a shorter shaft. the turigy comes with bullets on them and has a more flexy wire.

but the Keda is cheaper and maybe you wan’t to save a bit here spend a bit more on a good vesc.

i think im going to go for the keda to start off with will i have problem with the shoter shaft my motor bracket is 5mm, ive been looking at the vesc from diy ( the TORQUE ESC VESC ) are theese any good or go for the foc ? some pics of the board so far.


I used Keda with 12mm motor pulley and it was ok :slight_smile: The shaft was not going through the whole pulley, it was bit shirt, but it worked well :slight_smile:

You can buy longer shaft and replace it, but you have to make sure you put the motor back together correctly :slight_smile:

SK3 motors are more often used than KEDA, their quality is really good :slight_smile:

260 kv is probably to small or will it pull?

at 10s, 260 will work. but dont expect to have strong brake. u need at least 2 of them to stop safely. also u waste rpm at top end as vesc need limit erpm 60k + alpha

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Really nice deck. I would choose anothet VESC for FOC. FOCBOX or VESC6 are the most rated ones for FOC. Actually a guy from the forum is running FOC with the HK VESC (hardware 4.12) without problem. That being said the others two are made for it.

Would a dual setup on 8s be what I’m looking for up hill climb?

It will Pull but not really strong…

Barely… Somehow i guess not but i dont know

I would really dont cheap out on Motors. I would get some Motors below 200kv and try to go 12s or 10s

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…eventually. at least now it’s just a matter of upgrading.

I used 260 for first build. decent speed decent power. just careful with brake. I almost hamed a car cuz brake didnt work well.

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I got the 125kv motor on HK to test it out I have it on a trampa 12s 6600 14/66 I love that motor I’ve had a few boards but this motor is super

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