Motor balance? Shaft locking bolts

Ride my board in urban area, need lots of brake and acceleration. Just found those bolts that help locking the motor shaft got loose. Then bought some socket head longer bolts for the motors because I want to use the whole thread in motor also socket head can let me tight it up with much higher torque.

Sadly, after putting them on and tested ride… them run so unbalanced. Could even hear the huge vibration sound and the board itself decelerated so much that I couldn’t believe.

Enertion’s motor comes with two length of bolts…thread only bolts? Don’t know the name of it.

Anybody gets any recommendations?

most motors/pulleys use m4 set screws. find them at a hardware store for 40cents or something… lots of lengths get the longest that fits nicely and use blue locktite.

I used red loctite 263 and the length of those bolts were pretty ideal. Just wanna know the unbalanced problem… Ignore it?!

use set screws, they heve no weight from the head (obviously, as they dont have one). less weight and nearer to the center, way better balance.

As an alternative, you could fit a counterweight on the opposite side.


As flatsp0t said you need to counter that wieght somehow by adding weight on the other sides of the motor. you could also try to cut those bolts somehow…otherwise the more you run the motor the more damage you are doing to it. this needs asap repair.

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if you stil have the original screws lock them in and put some epoxy or something to keep them tight forever ( if the locktite does not do the job well)

if you have lost screws than it is easy to replace them. ( here a link:)

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unbalanced is not good. its going to lose efficiency and power and probably damage your bearings for putting loads in the wrong direction.

the longer screws are going to be un balanced since like they said the weight of the head is further out and so it has more of an effect on the rotational inertia of the motor can.

I say use blue locktite because the last time i used red on set screws it ruined a motor pulley! they have a smaller key so it can strip easier. It might not be a problem for the motor unless you ever want to open it for some reason…

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Cool, I’ve used tons of 263 red loctite in the thread hole and put those set screws in. And even ruined the head of those set screws 10 mins ago cos I wanted to replace them with bit longer set screws (5mm, 8mm to 10mm). I think they’re super tight now.

So, thanks for all your help guys…can’t do anything with these two motor and I’m happy with it lol!