Motor, Battery, Remote, Motor pulley ON SALE

Hi, because I switched from 6s to 10s, I do not use these parts anymore (I wanted to go with 10s at first, but due to delivery delays I bought this 6s setup) so I offer them for sale. They are all slightly used, about 50 kms…

KEDA outrunner with 3mm shaft for pulley specs: 6364 Motor, 2600W, 235kv price: 50$ (i bought it for 70$)

The motor pulley was bought from enertion, I removed the outer ring from it because it made some mess, it damaged my belt…it works fine specs: 15 teeths, 12mm wide Price: 4$

LiPo Battery: Specs: 6s, 3300mAh, 35C, 5C high charge , it is spray painted to be black, brand: GiantPower Price: 40$ (I bought it for 68)

FlySky GT2E remote controller (including reciever) Price 26$

I am from Central Europe (CZ), if you are interested PM me and I will estimate shipping costs :slight_smile: Also I would prefer to sell all pieces together (of course for a lower price :slight_smile: ) but if there wont be anyone interested, I can sell them separately…

Becaus it look like noone is interested (and I have probably set the price too high :confused: ) i am gonna lower them a little :slight_smile: Motor + Battery + Pulley = for 80$ All of it = 100$

i will pay 30 for the motor

I will do the motor for 35

Can you give me a counter offer or take mine

Hey @aigenic! , I got the 195kv version of this Keda, one question, how did you mount it? I have a turnigy motor mount, but the little black locking thing in the root of the shaft is blocking a bit. Did you have this problem?

Try putting a washer between the mount and the motor or make the hole bigger.

I had custom mount :confused: but as far as I remmebmer it was also a problem…but i didnt solve it anyway :slight_smile: If i remember correctly the black clip can move loosely, so it should be such a problem…but putting washers betwwen the mount and motor is a good idea :slight_smile:

Yeah its moving but creating some unnecessary friction, I’ll try with washers or filing the black click smaller! Thanks!

Hi, is the motor still for sale?

Gone…10 char