Motor cables longer than 1m?

So I have an upcoming project “Toddler wagon” where I need to bridge about one meter from battery and Vesc to two motors. What do you guys think about this distance from vesc to motors? Any experience or advise? Possible or do I need to do some modification?

Somebody said you would need bigger capacitors on your vesc if you go over 12 inches of cables from battery to vesc, I don’t really know about motor cables though

Yeah that’s correct…

I think the resistance of the wires for the motor phases will mess up Vesc motor detection though.

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yep from battery to Vesc for sure, but in this case they are close, only the motors are farther away, so I´m not sure what to do here…

on the battery-vesc side, are the 3x 680uf not enough for lengths up to 50cm ?

should be ok in bldc, but could cause some trouble with foc.

Oh alright thanks mate ! Do you happen to know if there will be any difficulties if a cable goes from one battery pack(10s4p) to the other one and the cable in between is approx 50cm ? E.g. a split enclosure with the 10s4p splitted between both enclosures.

you´ll definitely create some electrical noise with this. Some Vescs don´t mind, some blow theire DRV… it´s still a mystery why… But upgraded capacitors are not bad in this case and should bring any disadvantages. So I would simply throw a second capacitor board in there. Some people did this before and don´t seem to have problems with longer cables anymore.