Motor connector extension cables

Hey Guys,

will this work to extend the motor cable connectors?

Also, does someone know what the proper extension cable would be for the sensor wire (i think its a jst connector). The motors i’m using are the ones from Torque boards (6355)

I just found this one, will it work?

I think the 6355 has 5.5mm bullet connectors, so these phase extensions wouldn’t work. also, your sensor extension may extend the JST-ZH 6pin 1.5mm pitch found on the 6355 motors, but you’ll still need to adapt to the VESC 2.0 pitch connectors w/ something like this: products/vesc-sensor-wires or build similar.

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I noticed that the wiring kit i bought from them had the proper adapter. At least i have 1, now i need to buy another for the second motor.

FOr some reason i can find any 5.5mm bullet connector extension. Even Diyelectricskateboards doesnt have a 5.5mm male to female.

It really depends on what your ESC has setup as well…

IF your ESC is 4mm You may consider getting an adapter from 5.5mm to 4mm to adapt the 5.5mm connectors to a 4mm plug for your ESC. Then your 4mm extenders will work well. If you do that, then you can get 150mm extenders or 250mm extenders depending how long of a cable you need. Once again, this depends on what size connector your ESC/VESC has.

You could alway go “custom” and solder your own… Pick up some 14AWG wire, 5.5mm bullet connectors, and 4mm bullet connectors.

I believe the connector on the Torqueboards ESC is 5.5 as well. It seems like there’s no 5.5 to 5.5 extensions, so i picked up the bullet connectors and will solder them myself. On the plus side, it will be fit to my custom needs.