Motor detection failed

Hi guys I am configuring my brand new enertion VESC-X with a torque board 6354 260 kv motor. I have a 6s setup and i am trying to do motor detection. When I click start detection, my motor spins really fast then it stops Then I get “Bad Detection Result Recieved”

Post photos of your settings.

the motor spins but when you put some wight or put the long board down and hit the throttle it wont move.

Check this thread… make sure todo a motor detection or you will damage your hardware

still getting bad detection result received.

If you ever get a bad detection, you should not be putting any weight on it at all. That needs to be fixed before it will every work properly.

Have you read thru the entire thread that @Blasto linked to?

got it now its working fine. tnx for helping out

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Where are you guys getting the BLDC tool? Everywhere I’ve looked so far has broken links.

That’s a bit of a topic hijack, but here’s your answer.

he you guys can download bldc tool here

If you’re getting bad detection, up the amps on the test until it detects properly, 8-10A should give you a good result.

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it might be the Battery cutoff (In the Motor Configuration Tab), put the cutoff start at around 19,20V and the cutoff end at 18V.

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