Motor for single belt-drive build US

I’m looking for a 63mm motor for a single belt-drive longboard build. I will be using a 10s3p battery pack from @torqueboards and a vesc I got from a user on here. I have a few sets of flywheel clones including 83, 90, & 97mm and a 15mm belt drive kit with an Enertion style carbon fiber motor mount. I would guess that I should go for a 6374 motor with a lower kv rating (190ish) due to the 10s3p pack, however being a noob I’m sure you guys can help point me in the right direction? Any group buys active or anyone have a motor they’re looking to sell in the US. Thanks.

Ps. I have two used vescs that the user said have Ackmaniac firmware. I’ve been fully capable of programming my previous vescs from @torqueboards with the firmware from Enertion. I have a Mac and would like to be able to program these Ackmaniac vescs, but i want to make sure I’m using the right software to program them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There aren’t any active group buys but I will have 6354 208kv and 190kv 6374 sealed & sensored motors within a week.

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I would recommend the 6374, @jlabs, has good motors. You already have a good belt system allowing for a lot of torque, can finish it off with your 90/97 mm clones.

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Will the 6374 shaft work with the 15mm drive pulley?

Yes. Especially the longer shaft like DIYes 6374 motor. Extra room so you can secure it down better.

I really like the extra cap head screws to secure against the flats on the sides - rock solid! Vs the small and easy to strip grub screws…

@JLabs how can i reserve a 6374?

And also is it possible to use the Ackmaniac software on a Mac? Could some kind soul please post a link to said software? Or can I just flash a new firmware onto these vescs and use my BLDC tool that I downloaded from the Enertion site?

Hey guys,

Could anyone help me as well please?

I have a 4s3p battery with 13.2 Volts and 7500 mah and want to put it into use. I was also thinking of single motor drive with a 6374 motor to go onto my exertion mount. What Kv does it need. Due to the low voltage, it has to be much higher, like in the 300’s or 400’s, right?

Thanks in advance, any answers will be appreciated!

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You will not be able to use a 3s battery. The voltage is just too low so you will pull an astronomical amount of amps which the VESC 4 can not handle. I would consider upgrading to 6s at minimum or even 10s for optimum performance.

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