Motor glue come undone?

Hi everyone, I got a brushless while back used and I just get to start my build I notice motor stator is moving when I pull the trigger. so I take it apart and found part A(label in the pic, done know what it is called) and the coil come apart very easily Is it suppose to do that since I don’t think it make sense. so I glue them back together? any recommendation as to what to use? Thank you

@Karmannghiagirl right up your ally

You should be able to glue it, or if you’re feeling more DIY you could carve a groove in “part A” and the stator and put in a small bolt/pin.

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I w done a few of these before. Just take this time to repair broken phase wires and re heat shrink them. Then clean off the old glue and rough of the surface with a file so the new glue will stick. Just go to the hardware store and find any two part epoxy for metal

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You can just drill a hole between the barrel and the stator and hammer a nail in it. Some loctite on the barrel before and it will hold forever.


Hey how is this holding up??

I have two 6374’s on my mountain board and the adhesive just broke on one so I spent the last hour fixing it and inspecting the other one. But not sure how long jb weld will hold on the insane amount of torque that thing can dish out.

Before I put them back together I’m thinking of doing this if it worked out for you? @Tarzan. It’s all heat shrink up now, had to replace phase wires due to crazy damage.

It is holding up great for 700 km. The fix is easy and not glue only.

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I epoxy mine too but I haven’t give it as much test/ride as I should. Let me know how it holds up too!

Will due I hope my motor doesn’t die early because of the shorting wires I’ve been riding with for 10 miles or so

what motors are those?

Enertion 190kv 6374

It doesn’t hurt to take precautions with the insulation

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