Motor help for 36V pack

So I’m making my own Li-ion 10s2p battery pack, 83mm abec11 wheels, 11T pinion, 25T hub sprocket and was wondering what motor people can recommend for this, I am looking for a reliable motor which is quiet (if possible) also, there aren’t many very steep hills where I live so I can get away with a bit less toque for speed, any advice is much appreciated, thanks

Do thin the voltage will be enough on a 10s2p

I might tweak the gearing ratio first, not enough teeth in gear on motor pulley and then undersized wheel pulley as well. If that’s what you go with, use one of the online calculators to check 245kv would be a start.

I checked it with a 270kv motor and got 31 mph, is 270 a bit high? I’m also using a chain and sprocket and have read that these amounts of teeth should be fine, any opinion?

Usually the highest we recommend is 260 but ppl have gotten away with up to 320. Just don’t expect to be able to go up hills

Yup, that works if chain. Would not go too high kv, as lack of torque will annoy anywhere other than going around a track. Especially if only single motor not dual. Or consider going 12s. Higher speed is great, but not if it takes you a minute to get there lol

Ran 245kv on 10s if setup properly it’s a hell of a ride