Motor is really hard when turned on

Hello. I have just been done building my first board. I have a VESC which I have programmed with help from some YouTube videos. My only problem is just that when I turn on the board, the motor is really hard to spin, so it’s near impossible to get going. When it’s off, there’s nothing. Do anyone know which BLDC setting I have to change to fix the problem?

Sounds like it’s trying to brake. Have you calibrated your controller? Do you have a trim on your controller? Is that in the middle?

Watch this video:

That could be the problem. Thank you

Was it the problem?

…it’s sad but I saw that as “Sounds like it’s trying to mate” :frowning:

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“really hard when turned on”


If it lasts for more than 4 hours, you should call a doctor


Funny guys :joy: