Motor kv, pole pairs

Hey guys maybe someone can help me out. Iam buildiing my trampa dual drive 15/66 at the moment. I orderd the 6374 Motors from unikboards they have 130 and 150kv but I dont know what kv would be better. Iam riding on 12s but I dont know how much pole pairs these motors have to calculate the erpm limit. Does someone have these motors or knows how much pole pairs a Motor like this could have I did not get an answer from them so far.

Would be awesome if someone knows more!

You can ask directly to him @okp. Anyhow most of of the motors are 14 poles and 12 stator spokes. So your answer is 14. You can then make all the calculations using

Most motor runs either 13 poles or 14 poles. Most of the time, if you doesn’t bomb sick uphill and you don’t weight 100 kg’s, you can better go with 150kv. I assume you run 12s because you want some speed without loss of torque. Trust me if you runs dual 6374 motor, doesn’t matter 130kv / 150kv, they will throw you off the board.


either kv can give the same riding characteristics by adjusting the gear ratio (assuming both motors have the same km or size constant). the lower kv motor would have a lower gear ratio for the same performance. if one of the two motors has higher km it will be more efficient (produce less heat) for the same amount of torque. if you plan to use the same gearing with either kv then the lower kv will have more thrust for hills and acceleration and the higher kv will have lower thrust/acceleration but higher top speed.

130 will give you about 42km/h 150 will give you about 48km/h With 8“ wheels I run 170kV 6374 and I like it a lot. More than enough tourque for me (85kg).

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14 magnets is 7 pole pairs and you’d divide the erpm by 7 to get rpm

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Maaan I love you guys :smiley: Thanks for the help!