Motor making weird noise when trying to turn

So I’m currently working on my first eskate build. I successfully got it to run on the first try. As I was using the board. I noticed it was slowing down. So I thought it needed to be charged. So I plug the charger into the wall first and plugged it into the board. But the second the pins made contact, there was a huge spark. I thought this was normal because of the voltage difference. But then I read that you have to plug the charger into the board first before plugging it into the wall. So I left it to “charge”.

3 Hours later, The charger light is still red and I go to take it out for a run and it doesn’t want to move anymore. I tested the charger with a multimeter and its still works. I tested the battery and It still works. So I decided to reconfigure the vesc again just in case. So now I’m here where the video is. The motors making a weird noise when I am in the menu for changing the direction of the motor spin direction. The weird part is that it runs perfectly when I’m doing the run detection test.

I added all the details to help narrow down what could be happening with my build. Thanks to those who took the time to read my mess. Very much appreciated and cant wait for your replies :+1:

Video is here

Here are my specs just in case you want to know.

EDIT: I do happen to have back up motors on hand and I plugged those guys in as well. I got the same results. So we can take the motors out the picture. Maybe a bad battery or charger port due to that spark?

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Oh hail no!!!

Do yourself a favor and get it from or at You’ll thank me later. The battery bms probably broke, so I would suggest that you open the battery pack and check the bms. Change the bms with a daly 36v bms (bypassed) and hope and pray mboards actually made decent battery packs (they’re known to be horrible).

Yes, that huge spark is a damaging thing. It’s not normal. It means that the voltage was too high and it blew out the bms. And no, you don’t have to do that. Ive always just leave my charger on the wall and plug in the charging cable and never had that spark. What charger did you get for the pack? A 42v charger?

And last thing, when you ran detection, was it run sensorless? Or sensored? But Im 100% its the bms.