Motor mechanics

I just upgraded my motors from 1650w to 3350w but I recently broke my 6374 esk8 motor shaft, (don’t ask me how, I’ve never seen or heard of a shaft breaking) the motor is under warranty but the company is only willing to send me a new shaft. I disassembled an old motor of mine and the shaft was super hard to get out, breaking a magnet in the process. The set screws were completly taken out. Does anyone know an easy way to change out the motor shaft?

what? How did you damage a magnet by taking out the shaft? There is a possibility that there is adhesive on the shaft holding it in the rotor.

The magnet came unglued when I was trying to tap out the shaft. When the shaft stopped moving when I was hitting it, I took a pair of vice grips and twisted it out and that took a lot of muscle. These motors are brand new and expensive so I really don’t want to mess anything up.

What motor are we talking about?

I just removed two shafts yesterday. Depending on your motor there are one or more set screws you need first to losen. If that’s done, than just place the bell with the open part on two pieces of wood. The shaft shouldn’t touch the ground. 10-20mm space you need there. Than just take a metal bolt and hammer the shaft out from the top. It should take not more than 4-5 hits. If you realize the shaft still not moving, double check that the set screw is out far enough. If that’s the case the shaft is probably fixed with loctite or similar. You can add some heat from the top with a heat gun and after the shaft should move easily.

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Exactly what I did with my sk3 shaft. Make sure not to strip the grub screws, as they probably have Loctite so should be heated a bit first

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Awesome, thanks guys. I should be getting my new shaft in a few days. I think that’s probably the problem I ran into with my old motor when I tried to remove the shaft, is I didn’t apply heat and it had loctite on it. Should I use a heat gun? Or can I use a mini torch?

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I used a heat gun. Just make sure the magnets don’t get too hot. Good way to hold them cool ist to wind a wet towel around your can.

make sure to epoxy the magnets back in the proper place. I think home depot has some attachments to focus the heat into a small area.

Awesome, that’s what I’ll do. OK another question​:joy: everything already has heat shrink on it, how can I remove that without having to cut it off? Sorry, pretty new at this :yum:

What you want to remove exactly?

I need to replace the shaft on my new motor20181224_075108

The motor is already wired up to vesc with heat shrink and fiber sleeve

But that’s just 4 wires :sweat_smile: Ok doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to take off the heat shrink it shouldn’t be a big problem. You anyhow will take off the bell. The wires are on the stator with the windings and this you don’t need to move. You know how to take of the bell?

Ps: with this picture you now made me interested in knowing how you managed to break the shaft :sweat_smile:

And that i really dont know. I put the pulley on, tightened down the tire, put the belt on and made sure the belt was tight and the tire turned fairly easy then i spun it up with the motor and half the shaft and the gear goes flying across the room, goes through the drywall. I had to use a stud finder to track it down and cut it out. Im just glad it went away from me😋

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Sounds scary :sweat_smile::see_no_evil: good that nothing more happened! Never over tighten belts. You want them as loose as they can be, but still tight enough to don’t slip. If you push the belt with the finger there should always be a bit play left.

I did that to make sure it wasnt too tight