Motor mix in a dual set up, replacement

Hi guys,

I recently killed one of my motors on a dual motor setup. It was a Torque boards motor 6380 170kv 4100W. I was looking into replacing it but the motor is discontinued. I have seen some people posting here that buying the 190kv version could work with the 170kv version in a dual setup, let me know what do you think? However I am bit more keen on replacing it with something more similar, I found this motor which has similar specs :

APS 6384S V2 Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 170KV 4000W (

The power is a bit lower but I dont think that should be too big of an issue, am I wrong?

The specs of the original motor:

Electric Skateboard Motor 6380 170KV – DIY Electric Skateboard

Thank you in advance for any help.

In theory if the KVs are identical then the torque for given current is identical and that is what matters if you are using a VESC with current mapping. If the KVs are different then you get different torque… may not be the most stable solution…