Motor modification Gen2 Evolve

Does anyone change the original motor from Gen2 by any other motor without changing the Esc? Will it work without frying the esc? I have 2 3kw 190kv motor that I could fit with caliber trucks… My concern is if it will kill the esc or not.

Problem is the motor mount holes are an odd configuration. Check with @okp, he sells mounts for Evolves that work with 63mm motors. ESC should be fine, as far as I know.


Thanks for your advice. My real concern is the ESC, I just want to be sure that I won´t fry de Esc if will connect to one of my Mayteck 19kv 3.2kw motors. I have searched all over the internet but I cannot find any information about, if it will be or ok or not… Motor mounts I have for my Caliber trucks, which I prefer then this super trucks. Thanks for the link :wink:

How’d you go with this? I’m thinking of doing the same thing