Motor Mount and Motor moving every time I ride the board

Hey Guys, This is my first build, and I bought some motors and motor mounts off of , but for some reason the screws keep moving every time I ride the board. I am using Thread locker, but it is still moving. Your support is appreciated

Do you have any pics of before ride and after ride

Are you letting the loktite curebfirn24 hours before you ride?

There’s some good info here:

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Other remedies I’ve heard of but never used myself; • using a backer srew/grub • drilling a pilot point into the trucks

^ this. Do not use it at all for 24 hours so it can properly cure. Also you might need a bit more elbow grease when torquing it down.


I’m considering having a friend weld the DIY mount it in place. Anyone try that yet? Any recommendation on what type of welding application would work best for this mount?

If it’s a steel collar and aluminum hanger it’s gonna be expensive and not very good.

You be better off just using jb weld.

Actually I shouldn’t have said that. You’d be better off using blue loktite and letting it cure for 24 hours. Failing that, JB Weld has been known to work but it looks aweful.

I tried my best at making a simple pictograph instruction thing. I had this same issue until I did this method… pretty much @Deckoz’s method. Since I did this a few weeks ago, I haven’t had my motor mounts come loose one bit… but I have tightened the screws once in a few weeks, and they only turned maybe an eighth of a turn if that. The main idea is that you want everything already pushed up in the direction of the purple/blue arrows in the pictogram. A little bit of heat shrink as a shim helps a lot too on the plane of the hangar opposite to the rounded side.