Motor mount caliber

Looking for a single motor mount for caliber trucks

I do have mine that I am beginning production of Just ordered the bearings, making some asap.

ooh, i want these.

when do you think your mounts will come together?

either way, subscribed so i’ll get a pair when they’re ready.

Ok well how much is it? I am running a 6374 motor so as long as it will fit with that I’d be happy to buy one. Also angle is adjustable I assume?

To answer both you guys, mine will be $40 per pair. That includes a 12mm wide 320/325mm belt, fasteners, and the idler. It is angle adjustable. Doesn’t include shipping, $5 USA, $15 international. It fits all motors that I know of thanks to the cross design instead of fixed slots.

Due to the nature of the esk8 market, I don’t want to promise a deadline so quick. I have just about everything ordered and ready, I would say a max of 2 weeks before you can order them.

still just 10$ shipping to Canada right? :money_mouth:

$15 for Canada. I know shipping is a sore spot but I am limited to their prices, I don’t mark up shipping. It’s $15 whether it’s 1 or 2 mounts. For more than 2, I give an upgrade to priority international which is a bit quicker at no additional cost.

Ok if u don’t want to wait for an indeterminate amount of time I got enertion clone mounts ready to go, $34 plus shipping.

how much is shipping and what size belt does it require?

Center distance is 65mm, ±5mm

Look at my link above for details

That’s all good. It has been a pain throughout this build so far HAHA. Just solidifies my want to buy 2.