Motor mount for 6364

Hello everyone from italy I’m going to order the pieces to build my longboard but I have two big doubts.

  1. I will use a 213kv sk3 sk3 6364 on an apollo table, and I do not know where to take the engine mount
  2. the board is 9 cm high and now the 70 mm wheels of the wheels can mount 90 wheels or touch? sorry for my English :slight_smile:
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Get 90/97/107mm wheels for your board. With that type of board you will never get wheel bite.

Place the mount on your rear truck facing inwards under the board. It’s the safest place.

Thank you very much however i do not know what support to use

You either need to make one. If so check out my build for inspiration, or @psychotiller 's mount should work on those trucks…

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since you’re in italy, maybe sourcing mounts in europe may work better for you?

@laikiux has mounts that can be inside or outside mounted:

not sure what trucks you’re using, but maybe you can find an adapter from aps:

if not, maybe just switch out trucks to caliber ii.

Ah nice that support but i would like to find something economical about 20 €

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If you want to make it easy you can check this: :slight_smile:

Not sure it will work but cheap enough to try?

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If it will be available soon I’ll take it and make some changes