Motor mount for caliber trucks

I do as well! Maybe that’s just normal.

Seems like my belt may be rubbing the motor mount, I still need batteries, so I’ll test it once I get some power.

You should do it like everyone else and put that motor pulley the other way around.

If you move the motor mount towards the center of the hanger about 5mm +/- and flip the motor pulley you will have it right.

FML, didn’t think of that. Hopefully I can still make that work. The motor doesn’t have a key so I marked and drilled indents into the shaft for the current setup.

Also, is it just me, or do the screws that come with the mount bad? I’ve had a few strip out, think I’m going to replace all them.

I stripped one out without much effort and immediately replaced all of them with star pattern head bolts from the hardware store.

if you take of the wheel and put one or two washers ( like the ones that came with the trucks for the wheels that you put on before tightening wheel nut) it will help move the wheel a little bit further out and create a slight gap.

Flipping the motor pulley was exactly what I needed. Ironically, the screws that are used for the pulley are pretty good in terms of not stripping, but I had one snap inside the threads. Hoping it stays and I don’t have to deal with it for a while.

I told you to do this 2 days ago already :confused:


@Maxid lol

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