Motor mount for caliber trucks

hi i would like t buy enertion motor mount and 12mm pully and belt package. can anyone tell if it will mount properly on any caliber trucks? or is it suppoesed to match one inparticular?

i was plannning to buy the 44 degree 10 inch caliber trucks.

The enertion wheel pulley requires a modified truck. They sell those as well, but they’re 50deg. If you get an off the shelf truck you need to cut off some of the aluminium to get a longer axle to be able to fit it.

why exactly does it need to be modified? Is it because the pulley is too thick and causes the wheel to sit in front of the nut threading?

The Torquesboard V4 motor mount will fit any caliber truck without modification. product/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/ The single mount only is on sale for $75 Go with V4 it’s simple, functional and very sturdy. belt tension adjustment is where the motor bolts on. I’m also using 44deg 10" calibers.


The pulley has it’s own bearing to take the load off the wheel bearings, and that needs around 1cm extra length on the axles to fit between the wheel and the hanger.


@Namasaki If you remove the risers would the motor mount hit the deck?

Why did you chose CAlibers 44s over the 50s?

I just got my v4 motor mount and it doesn’t fit. The belt is off and there not enough room without grinding down my caliber trucks. Pully and wheel kit also came from Tourqe.

Can you be more specific about what’s not fitting ? Maybe some pics.
Usually the ring that mounts on the truck is a little too big and requires shims.

Don’t grind your trucks. Post a picture or tell why mount doesn’t fit.

looks good ! I would push the motor pulley fully against the motor and move the mount close to the wheel pulley.

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Does someone know if the exertion mount with a junior potato pulley would work on a caliber?

here’s everything pushed to the max, doesn’t fit.

You should turn the motor pulley around. Grub screw goes on the far end of the shaft

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I have the same pulley setup like yours from (diy) i also have all the same hardware as yours except my motor mount which i got from (psychotiller,com) try putting washers on your wheel axle so the pulleys match. I did it with my setup and everything works good.

I actually have this exact same problem! The pulleys are not aligned perfectly and turning the motor pulley around isn’t an option due to the motor shaft not being that long. The other issue I have found is the part that mounts on the truck will not tighten down enough. However, the gap in the mount doesn’t get and smaller when trying to tighten it down. It’s almost as if the bolt is binding in the other half of the clamp.

Fill that gap with tin can pieces to make it fit.

So I think this is the best solution for me. Some of the bolts wont be “flush” since the countersink is on the other side of the mount.

The gap between the mount and the truck is fine but it’s clamp just will not tighten down enough. I have to rely on the set screws to hold it.

I have to really crank down my hex on my mount. But I’ve seen people need shims as well, doesn’t seem like mine will need shims as of now.