Motor mount is slightly tilted

Hi everyone,

This is my motor mount setup from torque boards:

It’s a little hard to see, but the motor mount is a little tilted toward the inside. I tried pretty hard, but the mount won’t tighten straight into the trucks. Will this be a problem?

use a piece of heatshrink and place it in between the clamp and trucks. Should make it pretty secure


Smart idea. Might try that myself


You shouldn’t need a heatshrink anymore that was an old motor mount.

You align it straight and simply bolt down the set screws one bolt at a time. The curved part of the motor mount last.

If those are the solid clamps, not the C clamps. Try this, First remove the belt and personally, I would remove the motor and plate also. Then loosen the 4 grub screws that tighten the clamp on the hanger. Then just tighten the top screw and the rear screw as tight as you can to draw the clamp tight against the bottom and forward surfaces of the hanger. That should square it up. Once you have it tight and solid with those 2 screws, then tighten the other 2 screws. I set mine up this way on my TB 218mm trucks and it worked fine.

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I use a little slices of aluminum can to stabilize my motor mount. Fast and simple.