Motor mount moving help

Has anyone had experience with this style of motor mount?

I used loctite on the grub screws and it seems very solid on my truck but it seems over time that it becomes loose and the motor mount will be able to move up and down sometime.

Any other suggestions on motor mounts that are super expensive and if needed different trucks. It would be nice to use the mount I have now if anyone had any solutions to make it more solid

Permanent solution would be to get a higher quality mount specific for your trucks or both trucks and a mount to secure it better.

So maybe a temporary solution would be to mark where you WANT the grub screws to go and use a small drill bit on your truck and lightly screw into it maybe 1/8" or so. Then when you use the grub screws it will actually lock into place a bit better.

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JbWeld will keep it from jiggling at all but need to be sure it is where you want it permanently before you apply it and leave it to cure.

I could try that next. Would you have any recommendations on a good set of trucks and motor mount that goes with the trucks?

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It’s a bad design. Get it welded if you don’t want it to move anymore.

Another option would be glueing your mount with liquid metall to the truck and secure it additionally with the screws. Didn’t have an issue since that :slight_smile:

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Yeah welding is better but not a thing most people can do at home JbWeld is just a two part epoxy mix for metal bonding it works super well though.

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@wafflejock my bad. Didn’t saw your post with the JbWeld. But that’s the way I would go for this mount.

I’ve used JB too. It’s called liquid Weld for a reason. :grinning:

All good, good to get verification from others and other ideas, echos are good sometimes :slight_smile:

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What is up with the screws going towards the wheel and spur gear?

I have spent countless hours trying to get that motor mount to work. I have replaced the set screws with M6 bolts that go into the truck. I have used aluminum brazing to try to ‘weld’ the mount to the truck. I finally get it to hold, and the mount eventually twisted.

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If you are looking at a wholesale replacement - many people (myself included) get Caliber II trucks (50* I see the most often). There are many different manufacturers for the mount - DIYe has one, enerion used to have one and people are now replicating it, and there are also other mounts that people have made specifically for that truck. I would search the forum for ‘caliber ii motor mount’ and you should get quite a few responses! I am still assembling my first board, so right now for the mount I purchased and the trucks it came to between $80-$100.

Alternatively - the JBWeld does sound like a better idea than screwing into your trucks! definitely would be ‘permanent’ for the mean time.

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I agree with most here. You get what you pay for, and ebay round mounts usually = frustration. Unless you can weld… Then it’s about their actual durability and bending…

I’ve tried a ton of mounts - not all are created equal. I’ve had ADS (v1), DIYes (v1, v2 (both modular),and newer v4), Enertion (CF version - not older one), psychotiller v1, and some of the ones made by folks here!

Definitely get one setup for Caliber II’s - avoids rotation. I fought with a ADS/paris 195’s setup and a PITA. (nice to squeeze dual 5065’s at the time, but stolen before i could fix.)

Enertion’s is stupid simple and solid, but less adjustable. Also probably not being made any more w/ him re-focusing on pre-built vs DIY.

DIYes are great mounts. Super high quality and a harder/tougher aluminum than most.

Haven’t tried @chaka’s mounts, but knowing him they are indestructable. I like the heatsinks built in!!

I’d take a look at @korryh’s mounts as a bargain. Super solid and as nice as more expensive, but a lot less $! I have his on my GF’s board and rock solid. He has a stainless motor plate option which can help squeeze wider motors dual rear vs thicker aluminum like most. I think it’s extra $, but might be worth it if tight on space.


+1 for Korryh mounts - mine has been really useful and without hassle…

i originally bought an enertion mount which is also great but not suitable for rear mounting the motor

Yeah I have one of the diy mounts not sure which version it still had a small amount of wiggle so I doused it in jbweld no problems with bending or anything though in over a year of almost daily riding (also crashed it into the pavement a few times and has been fine with just some scuff marks)

So after testing my motor mount again it still comes loose after cranking it down. I think the next thing will be using JB weld on it and testing.

I have also been looking around at Caliber trucks which is what everyone else is using and was wondering if these two sets would work together. I have looked at different sites for pricing and amazon had the cheapest and since its prime also free shipping.

Will these work together and is there anything else cheaper?

Trucks: $34.95 Motor mount: $59.98 Current motor is also listed if it will fit, I believe it is a 50mm motor

I have that same mount and works great I just got some m6 bolts and drilled holes into the truck, then bolted them down really tight with loctite and it’s holding up really well so far

I have the same issues… :confused: I go use 2 components glue. Let me hope that it go hold

Did you drill all the way through? or just tap into the trucks and thread a m6 bolt?