Motor mount "sliding" on truck - what can I do?

Yes, I would file down one side of clamping area like Michael said to create a larger gap to squeeze axle to begin with !,… then align everything perfectly TIGHT, …then let some Epoxy Seep into around clamping area on both side , protect rest of axle from epoxy with some tape, let cure overnight.

Read about this technique on another forum, said it worked everytime ?

@maxid, great job doing this just with a file!

Before going down the poisonous epoxy path I would suggest that your try to get a more precise fit of your mount.

some tips:

  1. make sure the angles are absolutely true 90 degrees
  2. for a better fit, color the clamping area with a black permanent pen, then clamp on the mount using minimal force wiggle the mount a little bit Then remove the mount. now you need to file down the area where the black has come off repeat until you’re happy

And like others have said, the gap needs to be big enough to apply a great deal of clamping force.

good luck and tell us how it went

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Well I obviously also had a drill and thread cutter :wink:

I just bought a M4 grub screw with 1cm length that I will try to use. Honestly I do not want to spend any more time filing this thing - it seems like everytime I try again I get one place right but make another one worse. But I will increase the gap for better clamping.

Thanks everyone for the help - will let you know how it turns out.

if you take it off anyway, give it a try using the black pen. This should show you where you need to take away some more stuff.

Btw, I considered doing it the same way - and then decided to buy a mount … :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Small heads up: I filed away some of the material to get a better clamping force and it seems to work better now. There might even be no need for the grub screw. I marked the position with a pen and will check periodically - if it moves again I will add the screw otherwise leave it like it is now.

On a side note: i had my first crash yesterday. A car overtook at maybe 20-25mph and immediately afterwards tried to park. I could not break fast enough, jumped off the board, slid on gravel and hit the car door. Knees, hands, ellbows and hip have bruises but nothing serious. Badwolf enclosure still works even with just the on-switch gotten loose.

I am from Germany btw - if anyone has an idea of how to behave in a situation like this please let me know. So far the police was not involved.

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oh man!!! that could have ended alot worse. good thing youre okay!

Man if you were in Vegas you could probably sue the crap outta that dude…woulda been a new Evolve in your future

Hi! I have zero experience, but what about making second motor mount (just partial if you don’t plan to upgrade on two motor setup) and mounting it on the other side of the truck. Then, connecting them together with a plate. Second mount can’t move towards the center of the truck (since the truck is conical), so it’ll keep entire construction from moving. At the same time, the plate can serve to protect your motor from below.

Sorry man thank GOD its nothing serious. In this sport it will be the first of many sadly. I deal with this exact situation everyday with cabs in NYC. They try to cut me off but they don’t realize I’m going 35mph. Once they barely make it they have to short stop asap to pick up passengers. One guy even decided to “cut me off” (if you can even call it that) BEFORE he passed me, therefore physically pushing me into the sidewalk with his speeding taxi. Short story I nearly killed that driver and the passenger got another cab.

I don’t advocate violence in any situation ever except this. I consider this, highly illegal maneuver just to pick up passengers, to be attempted murder with a deadly weapon. I will do what ever is necessary for self defense or punishment (especially when cops don’t care since it happens all the time).

Admittedly I have gone crazy a few times and broken the cabs window with my metal flashlight. Also once pulled the driver out of his car and threw his keys across the avenue of speeding cars. I think the best solution is to teach the drivers one by one with violent or monetary repercussions so to traumatize them. I assure you those drivers will never do that again.

Probably the easiest thing if you don’t crash, that doesn’t require much time,strength or stopping even, is to knock off their mirror as you pass by. Then get out of there quick lol. This one works really nicely lately :wink:

Or make one of these horns it helps alot!

Oh wow! This topic is great woohoo! My sk3s aren’t bricked on a hopeless chit mount.

getting ideas now.