Motor mount "sliding" on truck - what can I do?

Hi all,

I am using Caliber 2 trucks on my board and have a problem: my motor mount (that I made myself out of a 1cm Aluminium plate) keeps “moving” closer to the wheel after every ride. I guess it is due to vibration and have already tried to put some shrink wrap over the truck to allow for a better grip of the mount but had no luck. Should I just add more layers of shrink wrap or do you have another idea? Grub screw maybe? My caliber trucks are also slightly conical towards the wheel (as in: they get thinner) which does not exactly help :slight_smile:

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Your safest option would be a grub screw. It would be my favorite choice. But be careful with a grub screw because it could fall easily off. It did happen to me on a grub screw on my motor due vibrations. I just put some glue in it and it did not fall apart on its own yet. Another option would be nail polish. Sounds weird but it is like glue. Just not that strong… but it is enough.

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Just weld it up, or you could put some epoxy there to stop it moving.

The grub screw will not stop it from sliding much. Unless you put a small hole in your truck and put the screw into that.

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Well i did mean that but did not write it down…It is kinda obvious but thanks for mentioning it! :wink:

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Well let’s try a grub screw then. Any recommendations for size? M4,5,6?

i would go with an M4 or M5

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Or maybe two? But one should be enough

Use threadlocker to keep the screws from vibrating loose. (They will do it)

Use the blue (medium strength) if you plan on wanting to remove or adjust them at a later date. Red (high strength) is pretty much permanent, so be sure you place it right before using that.

Can you post a picture of you mount?
Also make sure your trucks are straight, maybe some filing or careful use of a grinder / dremel helps.

If the hole is deep enough, I put two grubsvrews on top of eachother.

There you go:

Try putting a C-clamp on it to squeeze it down and then tighten the bolts as tight as possible. Be careful not to bend the bracket.

Use adhesive shrink wrap and heat it on the truck so it won’t slide

that already is heated shrink wrap

Is it adhesive shrink wrap?

Cool mount, you get maximum amount of points for DIY spirit.
There could be two potential issues: the mount is not strong enough, bends and gets pulled towards the wheel or your clamping area is not precise enough to have enough clamping force. Maybe a mix. Difficult to tell from here.
The grub screw will help if your mount is strong enough.

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I can almost guarantee that the clamping area is not precise enough :slight_smile: Doing it by hand with just a file I was not able to align the edges perfectly - so I really hope the grub screw works.

Yeah it looks like you need more of a gap so you can crank down on the bolts…

But think…you did it by hand…and you almost have it…just needs to be refined … The solution is near

Metal shim is all I can add unless you can refine the shape more perfect to the truck