Motor, mount, trucks, wheels, Vesc & cells for sale UK

I bought these parts with the intention of starting a build and never quite got there. The wheels have rolled down the street once, and the motor mount is missing 2 of the screws that go through the wheel, as shown in the picture, other than that it’s all brand new/never used.

£200 for everything, worth well over £300 so it’s a good package for someone in the UK looking to start a build. All it needs is a controller, receiver and more time than I have to put it all together!

Vanguard deck Caliber 2 trucks

Kegel 80mm wheels (new bones red included)

Maytech VESC 4.12

Alien pulleys, 32t & 15t

motor mount & 9mm belt

Alien 6364 190kv 2600w motor

Samsung INR18650 25R’s (18 cells, never used or charged)

Interested in parting out?

Of course, what are you interested in?

Depends. Technically only the motor mount

Hey how old are the cells & have you kept them at storage voltage consistently?

Hi, I ordered 40 of them from nkon in 2017, I haven’t touched them since they arrived. My brother has purchased he rest to use in vapes, so I know they still charge but I couldn’t say what condition they will be in after sitting for such a long time.

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I would sell that but it’s the cheapest individual part, you can get the mount and truck clamp from alien power systems for around £40-50. I’ll leave it for now in case someone wants the whole kit, seeing as it’s nearly complete. If nobody wants it by next week I’ll put up prices for individual parts. So keep an eye open :call_me_hand:

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Hello, I would be interested in the VESC, how much would you like to get for it shipped to central europe ?

Hello I’m interested. Email me @ [email protected]