Motor mounts 45.00 free shipping 50xx,Ollin and 50.00 63xx

I have motor mounts for Ollin 5065 motors and 30mm dia center to center (21mm x 21mm square center to center).

Pricing Clamp for Calliber trucks - 25.00 Motor mount for Ollin (38mm hole pattern) motor - 25.00 Motor mount with 30mm hole pattern - 25.00

If you bought ONE clamp and ONE motor mount together - 45.00 + free USA shipping

The mount is raw 6061 aluminum and comes with hardware for the mount and motor. It is fully adjustable- I am using 36/16 gearing with 255 belt and the mount still has room so could probably do 265 depending on gearing.

See Interest for Ollin motor mount OM5065-200


Is the 38mm standard with the 6355 motors? Or 30?

That’s a really good price!

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hit me up fambolla. give me the clamp and mount

Not sure what the standard for 63xx motors are. The 38 is for the 50xx Ollin motor and the 30 is for a few of the generic (NTM prop 50) motors.

@JLabs- thanks. Trade you for your BMS. Lol.

I’d do it in a heart beat :grin:

can you make a 32mm for sk3?

I made 3 mounts for @sl33py that fit SK3 63mm (149kv). The hole pattern was 32mm square center to center.

If he doesnt want them I can sell you one or I can make another one but it will be another week- week and a half to have it made. I’m going to give him a few more days before I offer them up for anyone to buy.

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I just sold out of the 30mm arm. I just have the Ollin hole pattern which I think just fits his motors but not 100 percent sure, it may fit others. It is 38 mm diva center to center.

I still have about 6 left.

Is your mount compatible with diyelectricskateboard clamps. I bought from him without realizing the spacing for my ollin motor was not the same.

I dont believe so, I designed them to just match my clamp. I have only seen his mount in pictures and have no idea of his specs.

how many do you need

I only have a single motor

Can you return it to him. I can ship one out to you today.

@korryh that’s tempting. Idk his return policy. I was going to attempt to drill my own holes. I have access to a better shop next week. If it doesn’t go so well I’ll most likely definitely be ordering from you.

still have the mounts?

I have a few left that fit Ollin 50xx motors and one wit 30mm square motor hole pattern. How many do you need.

I have a few mounts left and will be making another order if anyone is interested. I have been doing quite a few mounts for 63mm Tacon and SK3s in aluminum arms and stainless arms. Let me know if you need something different and I can see I can make it. Just did a pair of arms out of .25" stainless per someones specs.


I might be interested in two mounts for 63mm motors. I got @torqueboards v4 mount, but can’t reverse mount it since the angle I need it in is somewhere where the screw holes aren’t present. Should I PM you the specifics, or have you reverse mounted before with 70~mm center distance?