Motor Mounts for Gullwing Sidewinder II?

Hey everyone, I am using Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks for my board, and I am in need of a set of 2 sturdy motor mounts for them. I have seen people replacing the hanger with the evolve rear one, but I can’t seem to find that part anywhere for a reasonable amount of money (links would be appreciated; Also they need to be 10" so they don’t mess with my front hanger).

Also, is there a way to machine one that fits reasonably well? If possible, I would much prefer screwing into the trucks over clamping to them. I trust a blunt force a lot more than a friction force when it comes to these kinds of high-stress mounts. I appreciate hand-machining these kinds of things where reasonable to do so.


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@psychotiller should be able to tell you how to get them fit

These are very simple to fit. You just need to file down your hanger to 18mm. Easiest way is to chuck your hanger into a drill press and on slow or medium speed hold a file against the hanger until it is the same size as the Ripba Mount. Then, mark and drill four 5mm holes into the hanger. Put on the mount and screw the 4 set screws into the mount and hanger. Ask @GrecoMan. He just installed one on a paris truck.


Lol, I recommend you don’t do it my way, I got impatient and took a hacksaw to my truck :joy:. Anyway, I recommend (recommended to me by @psychotiller) you put one of the axles in a drill or drill press and spin it while putting a file on one end. Much easier and much less labor intensive :wink:

If you have the hanger dimension I can mill my motor mount to fit the Gullwing Sidewinder II, Check out my cnc mount. Marcmt88

just wondered if there is any more options on brackets since this post. doesn’t seem to be a lot out there, and none that i can see uk wise