Motor mounts for Ronin truck

What is the space in mm in between the 2 mounts?

Approx. 110mm


Just enough :sweat_smile:

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I have to say, those mounts look quite long and thin…

What’s the center to center between the two pulleys? I could see these mounts bending under high load or impact without a crossbar between the two sides.

looks awesome dudes, only problem I foresee is ronin just dropped the width of their cast frucks from 180mm to 160mm :frowning:


Yep, I just forked over the extra money to buy a 180mm cast set from Europe because they’re gone in the US. 160mm from this point on I’ve heard.

That’s a bummer for esk8 :confused:. We need to round up all of the used ones.

Where did you order?

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Damn…I still have mine from last year…but BLEH they took their 25 degree baseplates off their website too.

Shouldn’t it still be possible to use a single mount on a 160mm hangar though?..But if wanting to run dual motors, will have to definitely go diagonal setup. I wonder what OBC is doing about the whole 180mm hangar being discontinued…

Using a single or yingyang mounts should still be fine on 160mm. I was wondering what Ollin would do too. They don’t dual mount the Freeride, though, so if they are believers in Ronin’s new - thinner is better handling -system, probably no issue for them :face_with_monocle:

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Jeremiah from Ollin prefers 180mm trucks…I’m not so sure he’s going to like the 160mm’s…his deck is pretty wide to begin with and I think there might be some major wheelbite with 160mm’s and 90mm wheels.

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Yea, wheelbite - good point. Guess we are left to hope that, at some point, Ronin and the like take an interest in the esk8 component market.

Wheel bite was my concern as well. 180mm just give us more options.

How has this worked out for you so far?

they look perfect, thinking about buying these from Marc today while I wait on these other trucks

thank you!

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I’m getting my set delivered today, still waiting on belts, but I’ll let you know.


Did you do any modifications to make the 15mm belts/pulleys work?

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They fit well and align pretty well. Takes a little hammering to get centered on the hangar and sanding finesse to get it perfectly positioned, because of the profile, but it’s very close, out of the box.

I’m running washers as axle spacers and barely getting the locknut to bite, but it bites. Could flip it around. I get a little bit of contact between the mount arm screws and the wheel pulley, but if not for that, there would be no issues running without spacers.

I’m actually remixing that build onto an Evo and I’m going to try to move the mounts towards the center of the hangar just a couple more mm and lose the washers.

In summary, they work pretty well but initial setup takes some dialing.


While they are not Ronin, the Rogue cast 186mm trucks use a insert bushing to control the kingpin lateral movement. A up-side is less maintenance (not having to periodically dissemble and clean the support pin) you get more of that direct feeling but can dial out vibration-slide-give-grip a bit more if you want.

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Have you tried the Ronin mounts with smaller wheels? I just eyeballed it with 85mm wheels, looks like there won’t be much clearance between the motor mount and the road.