Motor Mounts in Australia


I have been looking around for motor mounting kits, however since i’m in australia my prefered option, the torqueboards kit + pulley, is $170 USD inc shipping to australia which is very expensive.

I looked at entertion system, which is $110 USD, but would require me to modify my trucks and purchase abec wheels instead of the kegels I was originally looking to use.

Is there anyone who sells mounting kits for the kegels in australia, and if so, where?


You can get $10 off if its your first purchase with TB’s, if you order $300 of stuff from his site you qualify for free shipping.

Even if I ordered the VESC it would not go over $300, but thanks, is there a coupon?

You could get kegel pulleys 3d printed.

buy one from evolve. The kegels are kinda rough though. good on ultra flat stuff.

You could stock up on some quality parts from @torqueboards , if you add a vesc that would be 270, maybe add something and sell it here afterwards?

Try these guys: - Australia based, have stuff from Alien Drive Systems