Motor Mounts, Motors, etc... for DIY Builds

Hi guys, check out my ETSY page where I have posted several Motor Mounts. Will shorly also post other stuff like Motors, etc…

For now I have motor mounts up for 63MM and 80MM motors. Works great with chain drives.

Fits Trampa INFINITY , VERTIGO , ULTIMATE. Have also some that fits MBS Matrix II.

Thickness of the mounts is 1/2 Inch or 12MM.

Here my shop link:

Have fun building :wink:

Let me know if you have any questions.


What trucks do these fit?

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What kind of metal are these, and how thick are they?

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The 80MM Mounts all 1/2 inch or 12MM thick and 6061 Aluminum.

They are tough and will last you long long.

The below pic shows my ICE Board with 80MM motors. I use it on Black Ice but can also have up to 2 inch snow on it and still works… bit carvy then :slight_smile: I use that mount now the 3rd year. They have not let go a bit.

The set screw was set 3 years ago and is still set and snug as the first day. As I said, all threads are press fit, NOT cut. They will last much longer than typical cut thread.

Do not consider the RED brace - its just an test I did with printed ASA and 100% fill. It already broke in the center (where the silver tape is).

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Fits Trampa INFINITY , VERTIGO , ULTIMATE. I have also some that fits MBS Matrix II.

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Hi guys, just updated the page with some additional stuff. And more to come.

I have also 1x set left of the ICE and Snow Setup with the Heavy Duty Chain. Will take a while till I get to make some more. Same thing as the above picture shows. Only one left. This setup is bad ass! Doesn’t get rougher than that - and its fun.

Let me know if you have questions.