Motor mounts won't stay in place


Okay dude this shit is NOT round OR parallel.

The point of filing is to make it, surprise surprise, round and parallel.

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To those that suggested using the can bus method to connect 4WD, thank you. I have been pm’ing w another member and he is trying to help me through that part as it’smy first custom build & I’m new to this and still finding my way.

Alanzhou, towercrisis - trolls - go back and read the entire thread, don’t skim it, READ it, UNDERSTAND it. I bag on Flipsky because he/she/they/whatever don’t support their shit, especially at their own error. And that isn’t the pics of my trucks, it is an amazon pic of the trucks I bought BEFORE filing them down w the drill press.

IMG_20190503_121822 IMG_20190503_121840 IMG_20190503_121853 IMG_20190503_121903 IMG_20190503_121918

Sorry for they late picks chakra…

This thread is 23 comments long. I did.

I’m pointing out that these are not a good selection for trucks.

They’re SO not round that I’m convinced that you cannot get it good enough without using a lathe.


And this picture pretty much confirms what I thought.

Not being a troll.

You’ve got three options really.

  • Weld your mounts on

  • buy new mounts and trucks

  • live with them always getting loose.


How to be kchxaz:

Step 1) Buy cheap shit that literally everyone recommend against to prove a point.

Step 2) Whine, refuse feedback, and get defensive when called out for buying cheap shit and expecting them to work well.

Step 3) Repeats steps 1 and 2.

Thank you for providing useful feedback. I had originally wanted to use a lathe however I am nothing close to a machinist and I don’t know anyone who is, let alone have access to one. However considering the task was as simple as it comes with regards to machining parts I considered briefly buying the mini lathe sold at Harbor Freight but with all the questionable reviews and the fact that the 10" truck wouldn’t fit the bed (I went to HF w my truck and placed it in the display model) despite it claiming to be a 12" lathe, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth it seeing as you also need to spend about another 1/3 cost of the lathe for tooling.

Anyways, I like your idea of welding the clamps in place but unfortunately, while I do know a girl who is a pretty good welder, I do believe the trucks are magnesium (please someone correct me if I am wrong) and the clamps are aluminum. You can’t weld magnesium firstly it’ll catch fire, and secondly you can’t weld dislike metals without some serious know how and specialized equipment, I think…

Which leaves me with the last option: try new mounts…One member suggested mounts from psychotiller but the link is dead - I don’t think he sells them anymore. I’ve tried mounts from Boardnamics; DIYE; and another 3rd party I can’t remember the name of right now. I’m open to other suggestions…

That’s unfortunate if they’re magnesium…

There’s potential for brazing if you know anyone with the right gear. That girl with the welder is probably more experienced with it than I am.

These mounts snap easily, get rid of them before they get rid of you


thats your problem right there.

best case scenario is use @psychotiller mounts, I forget what they are called, but it’s a cup, and mill the hangers to shape. I did it with a set of Paris 195’s 2 years ago and they are still tight.

If you want better trucks, get Surf Rodz and then talk to @psychotiller about which type of motor mounts you need.


They do in the US, I don’t know where your from as it’s not in your profile.


Those are the exact mounts I am using. Same seller and everything.

Rear trucks on USA website are sold out. Gut feeling tells me you won’t ever see them in stock again

Those are not surf rodz trucks


That enclosure, omg. You wanna collect street dust and water in your tray?


Wait that was $2k? Sheesh



Flashdance, Jennifer Beales. Now the thread is interesting.

Pics of this welding chick. I’ll check her mixture for her. :sunglasses:


Sigh. And another sigh.


@kchxaz sorry for that small off topic, but may I ask which battery you rocking on your build?

Bill my friend its a head brick wall scenario. I gave him good information on how to get some evolve trucks and he glossed over it without a thought and carried saying he can’t get them blablabla. Either very young or very stupid.


Yes, you did. That and the use of round trucks elicited my response. No one can ever convince me that a strong rotational force can be satisfactorily resisted by just set screws and Loctite.

Yet I cannot fully discount the Maner Factor because I fear his mighty beard.