Motor mounts won't stay in place

I have a custom build that so far - despite Flipsky having bad information on their site not informing the buyer that one particular FSESC 6 does not support 4WD, you have to buy the “plus” version, when I called him on it I was ignored and out $600 , so ruined my 4WD goal - has turned out relatively well. The big problem I am having is I can not get the motor mounts to stay put. I have even drilled 3, yes 3, set screw holes through the mount and through the axle of the truck. I’m using these mounts with these trucks. I took the hanger and placed it in a drill press and rotated it against sand paper until it was as close to round as I could get with a dial caliper and magnet mount. I forget who suggested it in a post but it was a member of this forum.

I have tightened down the clamp as far as I can get it to without stripping the hex bolt head. It’s so tight it has flattened the aluminum clamps “jagged edges” from the pressure against the trucks. Still it slips. What is frustrating me to no end is that I have loctited (blue) in 4mm set screws, 3 on each axle. When those loosened I tapped them and replaced it with helicoil. That worked for about a half mile before they came loose again.

WtF am I doing wrong? With all the extra safeguards this should not be an issue…$2000 custom board…useless

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Those mounts are garbage, and those trucks have hangers that are not really ideal for Esk8.


It’s just not a very good mount my friend. You just need to swap out to something like an evolve DKP and use an aftermarket mount from one of our members here.


If you want to go cheap but solid, caliber trucks and @Boardnamics or @dickyho mounts


Oof, yeah. Those mounts are already suspect enough as they are. But it looks like they’re specifically made for paris trucks, which have a nice round and most importantly NOT tapered hangar. It seems like a bad combination between mount and hangar, that thing will never stay put.

I also have solid mounts for caliber and TB218 for sale at the moment over at



I use the double kingpin gullwings because they allow my board to still turn in a decent radius while having the kingpin nuts tightened way down so I am stable at high speeds. I don’t know why people bag on the trucks for being unstable at high speeds if you tighten the nut down enough, but anyways…

I wish I could find the post again because I don’t remember the outcome of the project for that person who posted it, I only remember, and it might have even been psycotiller maybe but don’t quote me on that, that suggestion to use a file and drill press to round out the truck axle to accept round mounts. It wouldn’t surprise me if I did it wrong but to the eyeball and dial caliper the axle is as round as it’s going to be - minus the very small area where the axle is concave and not in contact with the…fuck me…is that my problem? I could have sworn it was only one “spikey” point that wasn’t contacting the axle, I hope it’s not more than that. Shit. Will update.

This is why I said try the Evolve DKP


Show us some pictures of your quad build. We might be able to help you more if we can see how you have the mounts set.

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The Evolve DKP is what I was modeling after. I haven’t reached out to evolve myself but have read from other sources that they won’t sell individual parts such as those unless you have purchased a board from them. Which is strange because I have read in other places that you have top send the entire board in to have it serviced (which is inline with my experience with Acton and Haloboard).

Absent of either case do you or anyone else know how to get my hands on a rear (assuming it’s different from the front) 185mm evolve truck?

I didn’t get to make the quad build, Flipsky sold me the wrong FSESC 6.6 and I can’t return or exchange it (even though their own website fails to point out that you must buy the “plus” version of this VESC to make a 4WD setup) for the right one. So I have settled on a 2WD version, which when the mounts are tightly secured the thing rips pretty well, but I do try to avoid as much hard accelerating and do as little braking, even light braking, as possible to avoid the extreme forces being imparted to the set screws (since the clamp obviously isn’t holding it in place).

Chaka - I’ll try to upload pics of the board here when I get home shortly.

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As others have said, those mounts suck. It would be worth it to buy torqueboards 218mm trucks, or caliber trucks and a set of @boardnamics mounts. Its a cheap solution with qaulity parts

that’s not a great way to tune your trucks. your bushing shouldn’t be preloaded like that.


If you use those DKPs and that mount, just weld it like back in the old days before we had so many truck and mount options.

But in all honesty those trucks are hard to find good mounts for since the hanger is practically round. SurfRods are rectangular so press on mounts won’t budge, e-caliber and TorqueBoard 218s are flat on three sides so once the grub screw is tighten they don’t move.

As far as the “hate” of those DKP due to stability, you are only stable up to a certain point no matter how tight you have set it. I do like DKP’s turning radius but they will never reach the speed and stability of single king pin trucks. I have them on a board that only goes 22mph max.

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Evolve will sell you Jeffs mother if you gave them the right price. All parts are available on the site for anyone but be warned the evolve trucks will not be as stable at speed as the gullwings unless you upgrade the bushings. Gullwings are a far superior product but crap for esk8. @marcmt88 has mounts for evolve trucks and 6374 motors. One other thing if you use the rear truck with the welded mount you will have to source 10mm bearings for the pulleys because they have a stepped axle. 8mm to 10mm. Or you could use 2 front trucks and source a clamp to fit from here


drill the mount and thread it. Install a jam bolt and put a divot on the truck? Theyre round so youre gonna need to key them. if the mount was steel and the trucks were aluminum youd have a chance with tightening only

A quick search will tell you not to biy DIYEboard stuff

Also you should never use round trucks for esk8. You have no choice but to find someone who can weld aluminum, or change your trucks. They will never stay tight for any length of time and will always come loose again.


bruh just use split ppm


That’s not true, any vesc derivites can do 4wd

It’s as easy as cab-bus then use split ppm or dual receivers


So many people proved you wrong and your still trying to say the flipsky can’t do 4wd? Like literally dude :man_facepalming: